Child protection policy

As a Club with junior members, Edinburgh Ski Club has an obligation to protect the welfare of children and young people whilst they are involved in Club activities. The purpose of this policy is to promote good child protection practices amongst all Club members.


  • Set an example of good behaviour and avoid drinking and inappropriate language when in contact with children.
  • Make snowsports fun and encourage good etiquette and correct sporting behaviour.
  • Treat all children equally, putting their welfare first.
  • Give constructive feedback.
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour, language and bullying.
  • Report any allegations or suspicions of abuse.


  • Engage in rough physical or sexually provocative games.
  • Make sexually suggestive comments or gestures to a child.
  • Form intimate emotional or physical relationships with children.
  • Reduce a child to tears as a form of control.
  • Allow allegations made by a child to go unrecorded or not acted upon.
  • Contact a child under 16 by phone, email, SMS or social media.


  • Favouring certain children over others.
  • Spending excessive amounts of time alone with a child, e.g. in a car.
  • Unnecessary physical contact, including minimum contact during coaching.
  • Sharing rooms with children on overnight trips.

If a child tells you about abuse:

  • Stay calm and listen to the child without interrupting.
  • Reassure them that they were right to tell you and that they are not to blame.
  • Do not make promises or guarantee confidentiality – let them know that you must inform someone in authority.
  • Take what the child says seriously and DO NOT INVESTIGATE.
  • Report immediately to the Club Chair or a Committee member.
  • Record, sign and date the information and pass immediately to the Club Chair.
  • If the child is at immediate risk, seek advice from the police or social work services.

If you suspect abuse or receive an allegation about any adult:

  • Remember that the welfare of the child is paramount.
  • Tell the Club Chair or a Committee member immediately.
  • Record, sign and date the information and pass immediately to the Club Chair.
  • Try to ensure that no-one is placed in a position that may cause further risk or concern.