Ski hire

The club owns a fantastic range of snowsports equipment at competitive prices available to its members

Our ski and snowboard equipment is renewed regularly and kept in great condition. We also have a fully equipped waxing and servicing workshop available for our members to use or you can have our expert team do this for you by requesting this from our accessory button below. Our equipment hire and servicing facility is open throughout the season, generally on a Thursday evening between 7pm and 8.30pm. Hire bookings for the season open after the Annual General Meeting.

Book ski and snowboard equipment and accessories

Oure hire prices are extremely competitive. You will pay much less than the prices charged by regular ski hire shops in Scotland and abroad. Book using the buttons below and please allow AT LEAST 72 HOURS BEFORE YOUR REQUESTED DATES. If you would like equipment hire within a 72 hour window of your requested dates, please use the link below to email the team but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with the necessary equipment. Equipment hire is for MEMBERS ONLY. If you are not yet a member, why don't you consider joining the club to enjoy some of our other benefits in addition to equipment hire which can be seen here.

If you have any questions before hiring equipment, please email the hire team.

Terms and conditions of hiring equipment or accessories.

You will be liable to replace any lost/stolen or excessively damaged equipment on a like-for-like basis.

If you return skis or snowboards unused (whether hired alone or as part of a package), you will receive an 80% refund of the original hire cost subject to confirmation from the Club that the equipment hasn't been used.

If you return your equipment later than the agreed date, the Club reserves the right to charge 20% of the original hire charge which will be applied to the period that you held the equipment past the agreed date relative to the period of the original hire. For example, if you hire equipment for one week and return it two weeks late, you will be charged 20% of the original weekly charge for both weeks that the equipment has not been returned i.e. an additional 40% charge on top of the original charge for the week.

DIN settings will be set and checked using the industry standard guidelines by the technician issuing the equipment based on information provided by you.

The information you supply in connection with your booking will be handled in line with our Privacy Policy

Skis available to hire

We have a fantastic variety of skis for you to play with. Our skis suit all abilities, from beginner to the more advanced skier, and are very well rated for ease of use.

Salomon X-Wing Storm

The dynamic and well balanced Salomon X-Wing Storm is an all mountain ski that guarantees grip, stability and manoeuvrability for enthusiasts on the mountain. The X-Wing Storm has a wide enough platform to deal with some softer snow and crud but it is more designed for groomed surfaces. The X-Wing Storm’s wood core balances ski stability at speed with dynamic rebound energy for a smooth ride with thrilling snap on exiting turns.

Salomon Opal Origin

The Opal Origin + Z10 TI is designed to handle anything on the mountain from icy hard-pack to slushy late-spring crud. This ski is not the master of any one terrain or snow type but will still serve you well whether you are floating through powder or carving down a hard-packed groomed slope. With a narrow waist width this ski's design is more focused on excelling at carving down groomed slopes. The Opal Origin + Z10 TI performs similarly to a performance carving ski with quick edge to edge transitions and great edge grip but with a bit more versatility to travel off the groomers.

Fischer Koa

The Fischer KOA 78 is a great ski for the intermediate to advanced skier who will spend most of her time on the groomers but still venture on to the ungroomed terrain. The all mountain rocker of the KOA 78 gives the ski lots of versatility to float in powder, turn quickly on the groomers and motor through the crud. The sandwich sidewall construction gives you phenomenal edge hold on firm snow and makes the KOA 78 ski of great value to the intermediate.

Fischer Watea 84

Although part of the Watea range, the 84 doesn’t come with the same base shaping as the fatter big-mountain version in the Watea range. The 84 is actually very different with a lighter construction and a more conventional shape for all mountain versatility. The 84 feels like a true all-mountain ski, very happy to perform whether it is on or off piste. In deep conditions it has enough float to keep most skiers happy and the shape lays out nice smooth arcs. On piste the ski feels grippy and reactive and most skiers will not feel short-changed by its performance. If you’re looking to ride big faces in deep powder this is probably not the first choice but for all mountain versatility it’s hard to fault.

Nordica Fire Arrow

Skis in Nordica's Fire Arrow range are designed to "bring the fun back to the frontside" as the brand says. Fire Arrow skis are fully cambered which tends to promote fast, energetic turn initiation and maximum edge contact throughout the turn. The Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Ti XBI CT features a relatively tight side-cut for quick turns, a turned-up tail for all-mountain versatility and park capability and a binding designed to help you regain balance and maintain edge pressure no matter where your center of mass happens to be.

Nordica Hot Rod

The Nordica Hot Rod Igniter is a perfect ski for the aggressive intermediate who likes to spend most of their time on the groomers and hard snow. A full sidewall and traditional camber gives the Igniter great edge grip on the ice and firm snow. Made with a full twin V active titanium core this ski has lots of torsional rigidity and a damp and powerful feel which makes it perfect for flying down a steep, firm groomer. The all mountain side-cut and a 76mm waist give the Igniter good capabilities for attacking the hard pack when the snow is not the best while still being quick edge to edge.

Atomic Cloud 9 Arc





Now an iconic ski in the women's piste sector, the Cloud 9 Arc is a confidence inspiring, fun and lively ski that is perfect for the good intermediate skier looking to spend most of her time on groomed runs. The ski uses Atomic's step down sidewall to maximise edge grip on the harder slopes and a women's specific v-shape to aid turn initiation.

Atomic Nomad Radon Ti






The Nomad Radon Ti comes from the Nomad S series which is aimed at the skier who wants to spend most of their time on the piste. The ski uses ARC technology to ensure a true natural flex underfoot which improves the edge hold of the ski on icy runs. It also has titanium running throughout the core which gives the ski loads of power through the turn and plenty of kick on the way out add this to the step down sidewall and you've got a ski that grips and rips.

Rossignol Experience 80 Ci

Shaped for performance, designed for freedom. Featuring the perfect blend of on-trail and freeride profiles, the Experience 80 Ci offers confident steering in all snow conditions with effortless carving and speed control on demand. Air Tip VAS and our new LCT construction combine for solid snow contact and control, delivering immediate response for incredible all-mountain performance.

Rossignol Experience 84 Ai

The Experience 84 Ai delivers maximum edge hold on firm snow with ease of turn initiation in all snow types. The shaped tip allows for greater confidence when skiing off-trail. Pick the Experience 84 Ai if you want the freedom of skiing the entire mountain with a carve feel but don’t always charge like a bull in a china shop.