Ski Coaching

We can all benefit from ski coaching, whatever level we are at, and what better way to get our instruction than heading to our local ski centre Hillend. Here we can hone our skills and get our ski legs back into gear for the upcoming ski season!

Ski coaching with the club is a great way to meet other members and have fun while preparing yourself for your holiday, which you should enjoy much more using your new skills, not to mention improved ski fitness.

Ski coaching is available for Club Members only. Ski hire, equipment and lift pass are included - see the ski coaching event(s) for full details.


If have any questions, feel free to email the Ski coaching team at

What does a session look like?

Our ski coaching sessions are approximately an hour and a half with a professional instructor with a maximum group size of 10 people, giving a chance for everyone to see improvements and get personal feedback. See the coaching event details for more information.

Why do I need ski coaching?

Regardless of level and abilities, taking lessons is a great way to have the best day on the mountain. It helps ensure full control and comfort while skiing, allowing us to go to new and interesting places both on and off-piste, as well as learning new skills such as skiing in low light and foggy conditions.

It's also a great way just to warm up for the season to make the most of your holidays, and meet other members of the club!

I want to learn to ski, can I come along?

Our ski coaching sessions are mainly aimed at our members who are looking to improve their skiing. If you're unsure if any of the coaching is appropriate for you feel free to reach out to the ski coaching team and see if we can help you learn! Email:

What is Hillend?

Hillend, also known as the Midlothian Snowsports Centre, is the local Dry slope just outside the bypass right here in Edinburgh. It's the perfect place for us all to learn our way around some skis in preparation for winter.



Upcoming Coaching Sessions

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