ESC Ski Coaching - Hillend

Ski Coaching with the ski club is a fun way to pick up hints and tips on how to improve your skiing, your confidence and let you get the best out of you skiing whether it’s in Scotland or abroad. Currently the maximum group size is 10 and each session lasts for 60 minutes – this allows each person to receive a good amount of coaching and feedback during the session. If we get the chance and the weather allows we will also do some video analysis of everyone’s skiing which is a great way see how you are improving.

The hints and tips can be small adjustments, such as:

  • How you stand on your skis
  • Your hand position
  • Where you are looking when you ski
  • Thinking tactically about how you ski a steeper slope
  • To have more weight over one ski than the other
  • Putting your skis on to their edge more
  • Pressing the ski
  • Steering your feet
  • Changing turn size/shape depending on slope

The ski coaching is open to any member who is able to snow plough turn from the mid-station of Hillend or on a blue run. Don’t worry if you don’t feel that you are at that level, as we will either organise alternative lessons or advise which lessons to do at Hillend to ensure we get your skiing career off to a great start.

It's great fun and lot of members have have benefited from the coaching over the last few years – ask around I am sure you will find someone who thought it helped – even in a small way or just to get confident and ready for their holiday.

Coaching is for our members only as we subsidise the cost. Join using the button below and find coaching sessions available for booking using the events button.